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postheadericon My Bather Boy!

I never thought that Kade would even barter his milk for the sake of swimming. I am not sure if all toddlers are like that, but I swear! Kade would die for swimming.












I thank God for Kade’s progress each day, and I will be forever grateful for this blessing.  At his age, I can clearly see his likes and dislikes. Even if some of those are against me, I just manage myself to agree on him. Well, I cannot blame myself for doing so, with these grinnings? who can even say NO to these?



postheadericon The Man of Life

Dear Dad,

When I was 14, I remember how I hate seeing you every weekend. I did pray that you won’t go home from work and just stay there for life, because you always castigate us every now and then. The house seems like a military troupe, for we need to always say YES! to your commands.

I remember when I placed the cruddy doormat at the kitchen’s back door. When you saw it, you screamed like a tiger in front of me. “I keep on telling you, do not place dirty doormat here! It may cause cockroaches”. Why are keep on ignoring me?” you uttered.

During my high school days, as much as I wanted to go with all of the school parties, I just can’t because you always disapproved! I asked then if you don’t have trust in me, you replied me with “I don’t trust the people around you.” Since then and until today, I stopped loving parties and seems like I am not interested anymore.

I hate everything about you then.

Now that I have my own family and too keen to learn everything for my son. I realized how true you are with your firm words and how loved I am to you. Your military way of cultivating us may not be unfavorable before, but I owe everything to you Pa. I’m sure I am not fulfilled and happy person living if it is not because of you and Mama. Now I know where those firm decisions and steadfast voice and looks coming from. I am truly blessed that you are my Dad, and I will choose you over and over again.

Happy birthday Dad, it is now my turn to take care of you and please allow me too. If I said, take a rest please! take some rest. When I ask you to stop smoking and to moderate your drinking, please do follow. Because time flies fast, and I want another million years to be with you. I love you so much Pa, please do take care.



PS: I know that I failed to take accounting, that’s your greatest dream for me right? Sorry that I broke you! But you know what Pa, it makes me feel better when you say that you are happy for what I have gained now.


postheadericon Food: Sinigang sa Buko

Sinigang is one of the foods that I really cannot resist. As a matter of fact, any kind of sinigang can bring me up, side down!

But in Kalui’s Restaurant in Palawan who happens to be the famous seafood restaurant in Puerto Princesa. I’ve tasted different kind of sinigang, that brought me into realization that cooking is even more fun in Palawan! hihi


My husband @ Kalui’s front desk


1/2 cup sliced taro root (gabi)
2 fresh medium tomatoes, chopped
1 medium white onion, chopped
1/2 cup sliced string beans
2 finger chilies
200 grams medium-size tiger prawns
1/2 cup tamarind base powder (sinigang mix)
juice and meat of 1 young coconut (buko)
1 cup chopped swamp cabbage (kangkong)

How to do:
1 Place taro in a pot with boiling water. Cook. Then add all vegetables together with the prawns (except the kangkong) and boil for 2 minutes. Add tamarind soup base and season with fish sauce.
Turn off the fire and add buko juice and meat together with the kangkong. Serve immediately.

What makes it different is the buko juice they used as their replacement to the usual water we use in cooking sinigang. I really admire the the creativity and cleverness of Palawenos in terms of cooking sinigang. But personally, I love more of the traditional way of cooking sinigang. Nonetheless, it is really worth trying.

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